CC Outtake: 1979 Dodge Aspen

Most of you will be well into X-mass celebrations soon. Here in Israel, Hanukka is upon us this very evening, which means that among Holiday stuff such as lighting the Menora and playing with Dreidels, you also get to eat Hanukka doughnuts- that is if you’ve prepared them. As I obviously didn’t, I had to go out and get some.

These are not your American-style doughnuts. Not as sweet and instead of a hole in their center you get jam. They look like this:

BTW, these specifically are really bad examples. They’re sad-looking and small. But that’s what you get for last-minute doughnuts.

Anyway. look what was parked not far from the bakery:

It was obviously assembled from several cars. And sporting the mandatory rust patches.

Its actually got most of its trim present, although comically, notice how the brown rear door trim is lower than the rest of the car’s trim. Was it part of a Plymouth Volaré, perhaps?

And as usual, I present you with some more Aspens from various classic car meetings- thankfully, these are in much better shape:



Had a chance to go out and get much better doughnuts today (those previous examples were regrettably thrown away). Feast your eyes on this:

Now that’s MUCH more like it! Big, fat and guarantied to put a smile on your face and heartburn in your chest. Notice top left- there’s a “Dulce de leche” variation.