CC Outtake: Late 1980’s Daihatsu Mira “Walk-Through” Van – UK Pretender

Yesterday we took a look at the Vanden Plas Princess lurking under the overhang.  Today, we’ll explore the model in the foreground that looks like it is being driven more regularly – it’s a mid to late-1980’s Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through Van – this one with an aftermarket customized Mini-styled front clip.

659 cc three cylinder

These Walk-Through’s were built from 1986 – 90 and most were kei-class sized, with a 659 cc three cylinder, both normally aspirated and Turbo. A marginally larger model was also produced which came with a 847 cc powerplant.

The Walk-Through was mostly a commercial vehicle – the cleaners we used had one for deliveries and they are  popular as small food trucks selling everything from vegetables to crepes.  Again, the Mini front clip is very popular.

Quite roomy for such a small vehicle – seats other than the driver’s were optional.

Faux VW 

Faux Chevy 

Faux Dodge A100 

Faux Citroen H 

I’m sure CC readers know there is a thriving aftermarket here in Japan that makes retro faux front clips for kei class cars and vans – the most well known being those that mimic the VW Type 2 Transporter, but others as well. I’ve never looked into it, but assume it’s all done legally with appropriate licensing.

What really threw me for a loop was both the Princess and Daihatsu were parked in the lot of a small building with a sign out front that said “Country Bar” – Japan never ceases to amaze me.