Curbside Classic Outtake: Late ‘60’s/Early ‘70’s Duo; Nissan Skyline GT (C10) and Mercedes 250 CE (W114) – Parking, Tokyo Style

Another Sunday Tokyo sojourn and another interesting find – actually sharp-eyed readers may recognize this location from a previous post – yes, the pristine Nissan Laurel “Givenchy” edition is still there – I stopped by about six months ago and the owner happened to be outside – I asked him if the Laurel was for sale and he gave me a “non-answer”, which in Japanese means “no” – evidently knows what he has and intends to keep it. But I snapped this shot the other day to give our non-Japanese readers a little vision of parking, Tokyo style…

Actually, you won’t find parking spaces this small in Japan – the owner of this shop (service and a little selling) has more cars than he has space for – and with land so expensive, sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. Though it’s tough to make out in the photo, there is no metal-to-metal contact – though my eyeball guess is about a quarter inch separates them.

So what do we have here? Let’s start on the right – this is s very clean late ‘60s/early ‘70s Mercedes Benz 250 CE Coupe. Outside looks good with just a little faded paint – Inside from a distance (couldn’t get any pics – lot chained off) looks brand new. Not surprising as most Japanese owners are fastidious when it comes to the inside of their cars.

I like the look and stance of these classic 3-box Mercedes – styled by Paul Bracq. Interesting to compare this upright styling to the new 2017 400E Coupe with its swoopy C pillar.

Nissan Skyline (C10) GT-R Sedan from internet

On the left we have a ‘68-’72 Nissan Skyline 4-door. All the badges have been removed but my guess is it’s a GT model – don’t think it’s a GT-R as the interior looks pretty stock. It’s in somewhat poorer shape than the Mercedes but these older Skylines have a devoted following here – and there are quite a few shops that will take on a restoration.

Mercedes M114                                                                    Nissan L28

These two have something else in common – their engines. If this is a GT, then the Skyline has a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated version of Nissan’s strong SOHC L-series inline 6 – good for 120 hp. I’ve read at several different times that Nissan got a little help from Mercedes when designing the L-series back in the mid-60s. The 250 CE has the M114 straight 6 – 130 hp with Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection. Take a look at both these engines – appearance-wise, they do look rather similar…

Hope on the next trip by the owner has sold a few cars so he has little more room to maneuver…