Curbside Creation: When You Really Need A Flatbed Trailer And Only Have Mad Sawzall Skillz And A Spare RV

RV Flatbed Conversion

I was out test-driving the Jeep after last week’s repair when I caught this out of the corner of my eye parked in a side street, thankfully far enough away from my own neighborhood that I don’t need to worry about it coming to visit (hopefully).  Looking like something Cousin Eddie might try, here we have a full size vintage motorhome (that someone else will surely be able to identify) that has been converted to be used as a flatbed trailer with the bonus of some dry storage at the front end.

Frightening doesn’t begin to describe this, especially as a bumper-towed rig with what I’m assuming are now rigidly fixed front wheels creating a massive scrub radius around turns.  Or perhaps someone rides in the cab and steers in concert with the tow rig?

It is creative though, an RV is basically a long flat platform above a frame that has all the mechanicals attached to it underneath for most of the rear part of its length.  The body just rides along on top and removing it would create a long flat area.  If this was self-propelled instead of towed and left as a small cab with large flatbed on the back (like a cutaway with a rear wall) I’d perhaps be applauding the ingenuity and interesting re-use.

The new plywood panel sides seem to  have fake windows painted in to perhaps give the illusion that everything is A-Okay, nothing to see here, officer, nothing at all.  No, our state and country does not have mandatory safety inspections and the police seem to not care whatsoever about this kind of thing as long as you aren’t holding up traffic.

It’s considerate of the owner to have created warnings for those following that this is being towed by something else, as if anyone would willingly get close enough to read any of that.  The load of…scrap metal, I think, appears to be tied down so that’s one plus point in the owner’s favor.  The only plus point in the owner’s favor.  I’m all for living and let live, however the second part of that may perhaps validly be questioned in this case.  Someone’s gonna die.