Curbside Drive-By: Lotus Europa Twin Cam – No Troubles Here

Lotus Europa

A while back I came across an abandoned temporary license plate for a Jensen in my neighborhood and have been looking out for it ever since.  But standing on the corner a blocks from my house an even better sighting hove into view.

Beyond knowing a Lotus Europa when I see one, I cannot readily distinguish between the years and even doing some research doesn’t help much as some have been modified since production, all I know is it’s at the earliest a 1971 and at the latest a 1975 model.  At least I had the presence of mind to take one picture and one very short video of it getting back up to speed.

Lotus cars have a reputation as being, let’s say, potentially troublesome cars, that however was not evident at all with this one.  It sure looked and sounded great.  I won’t rehash the history of the car here, but below are two excellent pieces explaining it all.

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