Curbside (or Fieldside?) Outtake: 1950 Ford 8N – Above-ground Plowing

Folks, I have been busier than a set of jumper cables at an Arkansas wedding reception lately, and with the rebuild of my storm-damaged machine shed finally underway, things probably won’t loosen up for another month or so. But when a Norman Rockwell-worthy six inches of gentle snow falls here in the Middle West, it’s time to take a break and fire up my own CC to spend an enjoyable couple hours plowing out the driveways here on the farm.

This snow was a lot more pleasant than the big dump we got a couple years ago in late February with temps in the low single (F) digits (note my military surplus Arctic gear!). And so far, I’ve managed to go a dozen winters without damaging one of our vehicles due to loss of traction in snow or ice – as long as you don’t count sliding the 8N into a ditch our first winter here and having to dig it out by hand.

I restored the tractor about six years ago, and its 120 c.i.d. (2.0l) flathead four makes about 25hp and is equipped with the original 6v electrical system – with a practiced hand on the choke, it will fire up with little fuss down to 0°F and even lower with a little cajoling. The rear tires are one size up from original and are filled with a calcium chloride/water mix, which adds about 700lb. to help connect 92 ft.-lb. of torque to the ground.

So for those who enjoy (or try to tolerate) seasonal winter weather, what’s your bulk snow removal tool of choice?