Curbside Outake/QOTD: First-Gen Volkswagen LT 31 – C’mon Baby Light My Feuer – What Would You Import?

College towns are a magnet for strange and wonderful vehicles. I shot this early-’80s Volkswagen LT 31 (full write-up here)  near Western Washington University, in Bellingham. Though it shares some styling cues with the Vanagon, these were never sold in America. The largest of Volkswagen’s light commercial panel vans, the LT 31 was favored by members of the German fire service, or “Feuerwehr.” Signage on the front doors suggest this LT 31 helped save lives in the village of Weiskirchen, near Germany’s border with Luxembourg.

Since this van was never meant to be here, it begs the question: which foreign vehicle would you go to the trouble of importing?