Curbside Outake: The Last Ford Festiva (Kia Pride) In The Wild?

From 1994-2004 I was working and living in South Korea, so this little car will always be a Kia Pride to me. Back when these little cars were new, the Pride had an almost cult-like following. The Pride was famous for being as tough as nails.

Korea is not exactly known for its love of Japan, but my Korean buddies knew the Pride was a Mazda 121 under the Kia name tags. At the time, Korea cars were still pretty sketchy in quality. There was a widespread belief that good cars got exported and qc rejects got sold in Korea. The Mazda 626 Kia Capitol was another example and was very popular in Korea.

The brand new plate shows this car has just been registered. I’d be willing to wager this little car will be on the road for while longer.