Curbside Outtake: 1957 Ford Thunderbird – More Junk in the Trunk

Now here’s a sight not often seen in downtown Peoria–a nice Starmist Blue ’57 Thunderbird (sans blonde, alas).

Before the option boxes were checked, the T-bird was actually a fairly basic vehicle, with a three-speed manual, blackwall tires, manual steering, brakes, windows and (vinyl) seat adjustments. A removable hardtop was standard, and could be swapped at no cost for a soft top ($$ extra if you wanted both). If you wanted a radio, heater, windshield washer or seat belts, or any of the other more decorative choices with which this car seems to be nicely equipped, you’d better start peeling off bills from your roll. The rear overhang was longer for 1957, allowing the spare tire to move back inside the trunk from its previous perch on the rear bumper (factory Continental kits were only offered on the ’56, and customers complained of steering problems due to extreme rear weight bias). Wonder if there’s a Paxton supercharger under the hood?

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