Walk and Talk: An Easter Sunday Walk Through Portland’s Montavilla Neighborhood

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We drove up to Portland for Easter dinner with son Ted and his GF, who own a house in the Montavilla district in Portland. It was originally a little village and development out past the east side of the city, at the foot of Mount Tabor. Ted is an excellent cook, and while the leg of lamb was roasting in the oven, we went out for a little walk in the neighborhood. Like Eugene, Portland is CC nirvana; if I had shot everything suitable, it would have slowed down the walk to a snail’s pace. So here’s a sampling of the most colorful ones, starting with this hearse that lives in front of this re-muddled house. Very suitable; they’re taking the job of Keeping Portland Weird seriously, even if that’s an oxymoron.

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This Malibu coupe is the antithesis of weird, having once been one the most common sights on the streets. Where have they all gone, other than the ones that have been resto-modded with a 502 under the hood?

CC 241 194 1200

Next up was this rather tough and self-assured-looking Chevy pickup. What’s that on its front fender?

CC 241 195 1200

Aha; keeping a tally of the ‘kills’.

CC 241 196 1200

The guy who lives here know what he likes, and they both start with the number ‘9’. He has two 928s and two 9-3s, one of which he was using just then.

CC 241 199 1200

Joe Isuzu retired here some years back. There’s sometimes as many as five Isuzus in the drive and out front; only three today. Maybe he and the wife went separate ways that day.

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This is the new barber shop that just opened recently. Very hipster, naturally. Nikki wanted to go in and get a hot towel shave.

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Younger son Will said whoa!, did those seats in the back of that thing come with it originally? Yes they did. It was the seventies…

CC 241 212 1200

Japanese compact cars; then and…more recently.

CC 241 214 1200

A nice study in contrasting shapes.

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These are newly-arrived neighbors, and they brought with them a ’70 Ford convertible that was in the process of getting fixed up. A good way to spend Easter Sunday.

As was the lamb and the other Middle Eastern dishes to go with it.