Curbside Outtake: 1963-65 Holden EH Utility – I Saw Her Standing There

holden eh ute

I spotted this trusty old Holden ute in Clayfield, on Brisbane’s north side. Sepia tone this photo a bit and it could be a snapshot from several decades ago, although what you won’t notice in this picture is the modern lighting on the house.

holden ute clayfield (1)

That old ute, though, is bone-stock and rusting a little bit around the rocker panels. The houses in Clayfield are mostly old Queenslanders, wooden houses with plenty of cross-ventilation and wraparound patios, or more simply-styled houses like this one. They were designed and built for our hot climate, and remain sought after. This old Holden ute was tailor-made for our country, too, with its simple construction and reliable engines. It’s nice to see both vintage house and vintage ute still standing.