Curbside Outtake: 1963 Mercury Comet – Faded Star

A friend recently sent these photos of a 1963 Mercury Comet currently undergoing a “progressive restoration” – those are actually all original body panels…

Apparently, the owner wanted to try out different color schemes before settling on the final direction. If anyone has a spare ’62 or ’63 Mercury Meteor they’d like to donate, many of its body and mechanical parts will swap right in, as both models shared a stretched Ford Falcon chassis.

Looks like a “three-on-the-tree” up there (or possibly the optional four-speed manual). Given the single exhaust pipe, I’m guessing this Comet is motivated by the 170 cu. in. (2.8-liter) straight six.

Interestingly, during its first two years (1960-61), the Comet did not carry the Mercury name—originally, it was to have been sold as an Edsel, but we all know how that worked out. Hopefully we’ll see this car again, next time wearing fresh paint–of one or (at most) two colors–and straight bumpers.

(1960 Comet CC here)