Curbside Outtake: 1968 Cadillac de Ville Convertible – Casting A Long Shadow

(First Posted September 4, 2013)  After finishing the repair work on my ’95 F150 yesterday, I drove up into town (pop. 1400) to fill up the gas tanks. As I crested the final hill, I immediately noticed the prow of this Big Ol’ Caddy parked across the street from the station, still exuding a commanding presence despite its road weary appearance, and definitely *not* a car I would expect to find in our small farming community.

The last of the stacked-headlight de Villes, the 1968 Cadillac could be had in one of twenty exterior paint color combinations. Incredibly, there were 147 possible interior finish combinations, with 76 cloth, 67 leather and four vinyl options. Our subject car is a rolling hat trick in white (I’m going to guess leather for the interior). Under the hood is lurking a 472 cu. in. (7.7l) V8 rated at 375 hp, which would later get bored out to 500 cu. in. (8.2l) to power the 1970 Eldorado and subsequently nearly every Cadillac through 1976.

Weighing in at 4,600lb. and at almost 225 inches long, this car cost $5,736 new ($38,500 adjusted for inflation to 2013 dollars) and is one of 18,025 de Ville convertibles produced in 1968.