Curbside Outtake: 1978 AMC Concord D/L


As I exited a convenient Shell station after a defueling stop on the way to work (“you don’t buy coffee, you only rent it”), I noticed this sharp looking 1978 AMC Concord parked at the edge of the lot, and swung over for a closer look.

On this car, standard color-matched wheel covers have been replaced with slotted road wheels (likely from a Sport-trimmed Concord), but other than that this car looks to be pretty original. The T/A Radials are a period-correct plus. At first I wondered whether this was a 4WD car, but I guess the Concord just sat tall to begin with. Nineteen seventy-eight was the first year of production for the Concord, which could be powered by one of two straight six engines, or an optional 304 c.i.d (5.0L) V8 available only with the top-of-the-line D/L trim.

It’s a handsome car even to today’s eye. Dick Teague and crew did a nice job freshening up the former Hornet design on a shoestring budget (apparently the Concord’s front fenders are the same parts used on the Gremlin). Build quality seems to have been pretty high, too–the Concord bested the Honda Accord in a late-1977 Popular Mechanics survey, and the superb condition of this car certainly appears to confirm that.