Curbside Outtake: 1988-1990 Ford LTD Country Squire – Nearing The End Of The Holiday Road

Ford LTD Country Squire

Introduced for 1950, killed off after 1991, Ford’s Country Squire (later LTD Country Squire) was a mainstay in the American full size wagon market for just over four decades, serving millions of families as their ride to holiday excitement over its eight generations.  This example hews from the last of those, introduced for 1979 and updated for 1988 with a slightly aero front end.  It’s not a 1991 final year version of which only about 4,000 were produced though, the tell is the lowest part of the front marker light is white instead of orange and wraps around to under the headlights that way, so this Oxford White example hews from anywhere between 1988 and 1990.

The Panther isn’t nearly as well-regarded as GM’s B-Body around these parts but I’ll happily be the contrarian and declare that I somehow still love this big lug, in all of its majestic V8-powered Di-Noc’d woodgrain glory.  This one with the bikes on the back looks ready to head out for adventure, and on the summer day a few months ago that I took this there was no concern about the rot behind the rear wheels getting any worse.  The last 1991 Country Squire was produced in December 1990, so almost 31 years ago now.  That’s well worth celebrating and hoisting a coffee cup to…or a 44oz Super Tanker Soda from the last gas station in the middle of nowhere enroute to whatever magical destination awaits as with so many of these, whichever beverage floats your boat.