CC Outtake: 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette – Theft Deterrent Measures

About four years ago, I had taken a walk through my old neighborhood from childhood and came across this first-generation Oldsmobile Silhouette over by my first grade elementary school.  I’ll try not to ruin this post with a lot of words, as this Silhouette is speaking very loudly and clearly without any help from me.  I had actually wanted to use these pictures in a “Wordless Outtake”, but I realized there was just no way to do so, as this thing is the First Amendment on wheels.

My 1996 van was stolen twice.  I made it obnoxiously visible.  Maybe it won’t happen again.”  Have I mentioned in previous posts how “straightforward” is what I’d consider a defining quality of my hometown of Flint, Michigan?  Of course, I say this with love.

I can just picture it: a sixty-something gentleman in denim overalls, lugging a large Tupperware container that’s chock-full of old children’s toys that his grandkids have outgrown up the wooden, basement stairs.  His wife’s hot-glue gun that she uses for crafting is sitting on top.  She has no idea what’s going on in the garage.  All she knows is that she’s just relieved (for the second time) to have their van back, having put their insurance company’s check back in the mail earlier that week.

There’s an actual Dustbuster affixed to the roof of this thing.  You’ve got to love the sense of humor on display here.  (And no, I have no clue about what the “Zombie Queen” is or was and yes, I am curious.)

I get the feeling that this rolling toy chest just might fit right in, in Eugene, Oregon, but it’s story, message and execution are “Flint” to its core.  Dustbust on, good citizens.

East Village, Flint, Michigan.
Sunday, June 9, 2013.

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