Curbside Outtake: A Land Rover / Range Rover Lover Lives Here

I spotted this assemblage of Great Britain’s finest 4×4’s just off one of the main drags in midtown on my way back from Trader Joe’s and figured it needed to be shared.  I’ve been a long time admirer of these but not yet a first-time buyer, which I don’t think is going to be changing any time soon though.

There appear to be two examples of the Range Rover P38 (second) generation here, which I have always found extraordinarily physically attractive inside and out and am amazed that the shape is now 25 years old, as well as a second generation Land Rover Discovery (also a shape over 20 years old now) which was a favorite lease special among some of my acquaintances in my age group a few years out of college.  None of them went for another one after their lease was up, but some came away with very interesting conversation topics regarding various low mileage failures that nobody else ever seemed to experience in their new cars.

Nevertheless, they aren’t all bad, our own Importamation seems to have had generally good luck with his Land Rover and if you are inclined to want one of your own, Brendan seems to have come around to the marque’s charms after having the opportunity to sample one a while back and now is in the business of retailing them, give him a call if you are serious!  The seating position is excellent, visibility is usually marvelous with lots of glass, the scent from the leather is intoxicating, and in the US at least, these were all V-8 powered.

In the back (behind the P38 that seems to have a floor jack under it) is a first generation Range Rover which are starting to become quite rare, dare I say “classic”?  And behind that is something just as blocky, a 1980’s Subaru wagon, perhaps used as the parts runner for this collection.  I have no idea why the Skid/Steer is in the driveway, but why not, it’s an eccentric enough gathering otherwise.