Curbside Outtake: Current Toyota Styling – Let the Tears Flow

I have been a fan of Toyota for many years – must have had over ten since my first 1974 MS60 Toyota Crown “Kujira” in 1981.  Of the three cars we currently own, two are Toyotas.  Styling wasn’t the first criteria for purchasing – engineering, durability, and reliability were typically what drove our decision. Still, several I thought were pretty attractive. I really can’t say that about any of the current models the company is producing – and its most recent examples seem to be getting worse. Evidently the current head of Toyota styling is a fan of runny mascara – that’s about the only way I can describe these recent front and rear styling trends.

Not something I find especially good looking…

A representative example of the company’s world-wide and JDM models follows…

Lexus LC 500






Along with the Lexus spindle grill, this black body molding trim doesn’t do much for me – and would probably be a deal-breaker if I was in the market.

What’s your opinion?