Curbside Outtake: Every Samurai Needs A Tracker As A Sidekick

Suzuki Samurai Geo Tracker

Someone clearly loves their little Suzuki-built SUVs and it’s not hard to see why.  Compact, rugged, durable (enough), easy to maneuver and park in town, and cheap as chips (when new).  Both of these look set up perfectly for Colorado with the hardtops in place for year-round use but featuring removable front roof panels for the nice days (300 days of sunshine!).  The Samurai was a big hit when it arrived in the States for the 1986 model year, until the Damning Report That Shall Not Be Mentioned which took the bloom off the rose, perhaps unfairly so, still, it hung on until 1995.

The Sidekick overlapped and eventually replaced it in our market starting in 1989 and was born with a Geo, eventually Chevrolet, twin named the Tracker.  Also body on frame, these seem just as rugged if not even more so.  While Samurais are relatively uncommon in the junkyards today, when they are seen they usually arrive with most parts already missing and the rest is quickly devoured, whereas the Sidekick/Tracker is very common and usually quite complete, a shopper’s paradise if you will.