Curbside Outtake:- Gen II Golf GTI

Vancouver never ceases to amaze a curbivore such as myself. In Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood yesterday I spotted this lovely Gen II VW Golf GTI.

When I was a young man, I managed to get into a 1986 Jetta, so looking at this car sure brings back memories. This one has the stock headlights swapped out for the Euro versions. The BBS wheels are perfect, too.

The amazing thing is how this Golf II Interior really isn’t that much different from that in my Golf VII.

This car looked all original, so it is obvious someone has a lot of love for it.

When these cars were new, I simply couldn’t afford one. It was the same story when I bought my 2018 Golf SportWagen. I couldn’t afford the GTI and I felt it wasn’t worth the extra money when a performance tune could reap most of the benefits.