Curbside Outtake: HSV Avalanche – The CC Effect Strikes Again

hsv avalanche 2

I don’t recall ever having seen Holden Special Vehicles’ fettled version of the Holden Adventra crossover wagon before. With only 333 built between 2003 and 2005, that comes as little surprise: these were rare. However, right after I finished writing today’s article on the Holden Adventra, I spotted this Avalanche in Brisbane’s central business district. 

hsv avalanche

The Avalanche, like all all-wheel-drive HSVs, was discontinued after 2005. The 5.7 LS1 V8 was being phased out, and Holden wasn’t keen on re-engineering the AWD models to take the new 6.0 V8. In the Avalanche, the LS1 put out 360hp and 350 ft-lbs and was available only with a four-speed automatic. Gas mileage wasn’t great, with a combined 14mpg, slightly worse  than the Adventra V8’s. Perhaps this drop in fuel economy would have been more acceptable had there been a commensurate increase in power, but the Avalanche only mustered an extra 26hp and 5 ft-lbs. It wasn’t the fuel economy that was the real sacrifice, though. The Avalanche listed for a whopping $13-21k more than Adventra V8 models. Sure, you got a car that was tuned for better handling, plus a much more aggressive exterior, but I’m not sure it was really worth the extra paper. Still, you would be part of a very small and exclusive group of owners.