Curbside Outtake: Passed On The Left By (My Former) Herbie!

It can be awkward selling a car to someone local, as odds are high you’ll see it again and you hope like crazy it doesn’t blow an engine or something expensive right after you sell it. Thus I was cheered a few days ago to see a familiar profile rapidly approaching in my rear-view mirror, and sure enough, it was good ol’ Herbie!

Purchased new in September, 2000 (as an ’00 model), when diesels typically sat on the lot for months, I owned the car almost thirteen years (it’s now pushing 17!). It had about 219,000 miles on it when I sold it, so if the owner has put the U.S. average of 13,474 miles driven annually on the car, it must be getting up around 265,000 by now. Volkswagen’s “ALH” 90hp (in U.S. market trim) TDI engine is a solid mill if well-maintained, and should net the owner a good 300-400,000 miles, if the body holds out that long.