Curbside Outtake: Sandtana Camper – Yes, With a D

Toyota Sandtana pop up camper curbside
We have a new addition in the neighborhood CC fleet. It’s been parked regularly on my walking route to our nearby corner market, which has a great offering of normal groceries as well as bulk items, organic groceries, and a huge selection of herbs, vitamins and alternative health products. This camper fits in well on that block. And it runs, as I’ve seen it driving in town a few times.

Toyota Sandtana camper logo closeup

I’d never heard of this brand before, but as always the Internet provided some info. Sandtana was a Southern California company, in business from about 1982 to 1985, using Toyota and Chevy S10 pickups. There’s even a Sandtana owners’ website but it appears to be mostly the work of one person. The four year model offering straddled the Toyota pickup model change which occured here in the US for the ‘84 model year.

Sandtana camper brochure page 1

Sandtana camper brochure page 2

Our neighborhood Sandtana is an ‘84 or ‘85; perhaps a resident Toyota guru can help narrow that down. All I know is that without EFI badging it could be either year, as EFI was an 1985 option only for SR5 trim levels which this definitely is not. The brochure pages show a 1983. There’s a long list of options but unfortunately the resolution of these images only let me pick out 4wd and automatic transmission.

Sandtana camper brochure page 3

The interior fabrics are straight out of the sixties, which of course is to be expected as the RV industry is usually a decade or two behind the times.

Sandtana camper Chevrolet S10
Here’s an S10 version, which had been for sale in British Columbia five years ago. Note the stylish wire wheel covers in front. Not to mention the other CC photobombing the shot.

Sandtana camper Chevrolet S10 interior

The ad photos show the interior pass through. As should be expected, the Tilt-Top used basic wood and fiberglass construction, with a bit of aluminum trim, and several posts describe making repairs to rotting and delaminating body panels. But in our town, which has a handful of regularly driven Toyota Chinooks and Sunraders, the Sandtana with a D is a welcome addition to our streetscape.