Curbside Outtake: Seagrave Fire Truck

Seagrave fire truck

You never know what you are going to see out and about, and while it may not strictly be a ‘convertible’ it certainly has a rag top and I don’t think anyone will dismiss this from Convertible Week!

Convertible fire truck

It is a 1952 Seagrave that came from Atlanta, Georgia; beyond that I don’t have any details, but  They usually have a 700+ cu in V12 gas/petrol engine, I don’t know if they were built with a smaller option; nobody wants a slow fire truck!  It has bench seating for 12 under the presumably non-original rear section of the roof as it is advertised for hire from a limousine company; mind you the registration plate is a Club Permit where the terms of use do not allow commercial use of vehicles, hence I will not provide any more details.

A convertible fire truck is one of those things that is a bad idea in hindsight, but automobiles did not have fixed roofs to start with, and a fire truck was not built with long distance touring comfort in mind!  Another detail that is not obvious unless you know your old fire appliances is that what looks like a cyclops headlight is actually a siren.

Now, who is going to see another one thanks to the CC Effect?