Curbside Outtake: Silly Spoilered Smart

Saw this Smart parked all winter in the same spot, but couple weeks ago it moved.  Amusing to see someone bothered to fit a spoiler on one of the slowest cars on the road.  I bet the owner has a sense of humor!

The “cdi”on the lower right corner of the hatch indicates that this is the 800 cc 3 cylinder direct injection turbo diesel, sold in Canada starting in 2004.  The States didn’t get the diesel, but did get the second generation Smart with the 999 cc 3 cylinder Mitsubishi gas engine.  An electric version third generation was introduced in 2014.  The gasoline version was discontinued in North America in 2018, the electric end of 2019.  For a full user report of the diesel Smart, see Saabaru’s COAL.   For an in-depth COAL of the gas Smart, see Importamation’s post here.


Back around 2005, Lone Star Mercedes here in Calgary invited folks to test drive the original diesel Smart on a (low-speed) section of the now defunct Race City Speedway.

Took them up on that, found it quite entertaining, playing with the automated stick shift.  Years later Car2Go ride share service ran a fleet of the gasoline Smarts here, and I used them a few times when promotions were offered.  Despite relatively high membership, the company pulled out of Calgary at the end of 2019.


But I digress, point of this post is to show pointless spoilers … I’m guilty of one.  In 2010 I bought a tired 1993 VW Passat 1.9 TD (75 hp 100 ft/lbs.)  Paul covered the B3 Passat (wagon) thoroughly here. The sedan has a huge trunk, partly thanks to the high and “frumpy” looking rear end.


A year or so after buying, found well known VW parts and service establishment Concept-1.  Closeout section of website featured a spoiler for B3 Passat for $25!  Why not, I thought, bought it, made in Spain, no less.  Mounting was supposed to be accomplished with double side sticky tape.  Took it to the friendly folk at Stevo Auto Clinic, who laughed, “How long do you think that tape will hold?”  They fastened it professionally.


Couple years later, found some nice teardrop wheels.  Not so frumpy now?  Think it looks rather sleek in this photo.  Somewhat reluctantly sold car in 2017, as it was a great long distance cruiser, but I couldn’t find parts for the air conditioner and cruise control.  Could have searched in the Baltic countries who seem to still have parts, but my girlfriend was complaining about the diesel smell, which I hardly ever noticed.  But back to the spoiler, it was actually useful, as I could see it in the rear view mirror when parallel parking.  Without spoiler I could not see the back end of the car.  So not so silly after all.

Feel free to contribute stories/photos of silly body parts !