Curbside Outtake: U-Built Bimmer Bakkie

I was headed north the other day when I saw this southbound apparition pull over at a meter on the other side of Commercial Drive. Gladys provided a parking space for me without even being beseeched (“Gladys, Gladys, full of grace: grant me please a parking space”), so I took it and ducked across the street for a closer look.

It gives every appearance of being an owner-built E30 coupé utility. This trucklet’s truncation and cab closure looks neatly done, as does the upper ~75 per cent of the bed, but the absent rear bumper looks schlock.

Plus points for replacing the rear side marker lights removed with the bumper; minus points for choosing chunky truck trailer taillights without the required reflex reflector.

More plus points for splitting the taillights like that to allow for the tailgate; more minus points for turning the yellow turn signals red so they work less—unless that was done in conjunction with wiring and socket modifications to use the former turn signals as brake/tail/turn signal lights so those functions are mounted on a fixed part of the body, in accord with the applicable regulations.

But all in all, plus points for building and using it; it looks quite handy.

“Bakkie” is how South Africans call this what an Australian would categorise as a “ute”; viz this advert:

Postscript—there is a phenomenon called the Quantum Fetish Effect: the instant you think of a fetish—no matter how weird, ridiculous, or extreme—»POOF« it suddenly has always existed, complete with Usenet newsgroup and hankie colour and flag and hookup apps and fandom and cons and books and workshops and all the rest of it. I mention it here because a similar effect apparently applies to the automotive subcorners of Reddit; see for yourself.