Curbside Outtake: 1967 Volvo 122 – A Finnish-ed Amazon


I was walking to the movies one rainy day, and came across this solid but well used Volvo 122S, known as the Amazon outside America. It proudly carries the Finnish flag colors, blue with white stripes. also sometimes used on American racing cars. Doesn’t  it seem like it’s been driven in some sort of competition?


The 122S was our 1960’s Volvo, the ones that really made an impression on American drivers, before the boxes with their “barn door” grilles came along. Can anyone pin down the year?


Most likely the 1.8 liter B18 engine sits behind that radiator. Dual carburetors delivered 85 hp. Was this an amateur rally car?


Extra gauges added indicate some serious intent. I test drove a used 122S in the early seventies, and couldn’t believe how long that four-speed shifter felt. The famous original three-point belts have a strange-looking buckle.


What’s up with the side mirror mounted up high? Is this original paint with forty years wear, or an amateur repaint?

Paul wrote a proper Curbside Classic on the Amazon here.