Curbside Outtake: Volvo 264GL – Well Preserved Original Or Restored?

I am a pretty restless type, meaning I walk around a lot. It is the main reason I got Lola the Big White Dog to walk with me. I am often out strolling at some pretty weird hours, but I digress. Today I shot this beautiful Volvo 264GL. By the way it looked, I appears someone spent some big money restoring this car. The paint is flawless and is too good to be 40+ years old.

Well, what’s that? A manual transmission, and yes, it has overdrive. I didn’t have a look at the odometer, which I should have but it looks like the upholstery has been redone in period fabric. That in itself is rather odd, because every other 264GL I have ever seen had leather.

The seats look great in this colour and would be a lot more comfortable on a cold morning than leather. Look at the visibility from those large windows.

What year is it? I am not sure but I’d hazard to guess around 1975. This car is on collector plates, meaning its someone’s baby. By the looks of it, a good $30,000 was spent on a car that easily fetch $20,000!