Curbside Outtake: VW Diesel Pickup – You Know Fuel Prices Are High When The Diesel VWs Come Out Of Hibernation


Whenever fuel prices soar, there’s two vehicles that one starts to see in greater abundance: Geo Metros and Diesel VWs. I spotted this VW pickup just down the street, where they’re building an addition. And yes, the other pickup isn’t exactly giant either.

By the way, did you know that dealer inventories of big pickups have almost doubled in the past month or two? Will big incentives be back too?  And fuel efficient vehicle inventory is very tight, not surprisingly?

Update: From that article I linked to above, about pickup inventories:

Cox said in its analysis that among the U.S. market’s 30 top-selling models, full-size trucks had the most supply, putting them almost back to traditional inventory levels, with Ram holding a 70-day supply, while Chevy’s and Ford’s full-size pickups had around a 50-day supply. The Ford Explorer and Hyundai Santa Fe crossovers were also relatively plentiful, Cox noted.

On a segment basis, Cox said the tightest inventories were found among more fuel-efficient offerings, including compact cars, hybrids, small crossovers, subcompact cars and minivans. Along with full-size pickups, full-size cars had the highest days-supply figures, Cox said.


I assumed this was a diesel, as I haven’t seen a gas engine survivor of one of these in an eternity. But diesels, yes. All 54 hp of them.

This one’s not being called on to haul much more than its driver. All that wasted space…


Period-correct 1980’s Hella driving lights with covers.

What goes around, comes around; including 40 mpg pickups.