Curbside Outtake: Yesteryear’s Repair Lot Today. And Probably Tomorrow As Well.

I’ve been passing by this lot every few days for just about ten years now and over that time have noticed that the lot inhabitants do change, albeit not particularly frequently, some move in and back out again fairly quickly, others seem to be here for extended stays and others more or less permanently.  This location is right at the northern edge of “Old Town” and would be considered absolutely prime real estate now, however what seems to be a repair operation seems to be clinging on just fine with no sign that they would consider moving.  While we have some dirt roads around our town, this is the only dirt lot I’m aware of for a commercial operation anywhere within a reasonable distance, certainly within Old Town.

There’s a train crossing just around the corner and back in April we got stuck right here in a line of traffic waiting for the train to cross.  I’d been meaning to take pictures of this place literally for years and since my wife was driving on this occasion, this was a great opportunity to simply roll down the window and snap some shots without even taking the oh-so-herculean effort to get out of the car.  Let’s take a look and see if anything here is of interest to anyone.

Starting at the left, there’s a circa 1985 Toyota 4×4 Pickup with some serious rust developing as these tend to do.  Tan with tan wheels is a good look for these without any of that alloy wheel nonsense, this truck was meant to work hard and likely did so (and still does).  Just to right is a similar era Nissan Hardbody Pickup, well, likely a couple of years newer than the Toyota, and it also looks like a 4×4 model.  This may be the newest vehicle here actually.

That seems to be a Dodge van behind the Toyota and I also see a motorcycle that I believe is a Harley-Davidson as well as a newer red scooter that I can’t identify offhand.

Panning to the right just past the green trailer, that looks to be a Plymouth Volare wagon in the background and then there is a wonderfully patinated Jeep Wagoneer without license plates and what looks like an office chair inside.  I love these but can’t tell the years apart at a glance…The camper shell looks like it would belong on an ’80’s F150, but then there is the front end of a Chrysler just peeking in at the right.  Let’s see if we can get closer to that one.

You guys will know the year and model of the Chrysler I’m sure, of interest to me on that one is what I suppose is a temporary “30 Day” plate from Nebraska.  Hopefully it wasn’t on its maiden voyage back in the 1950’s and had to stop here for a fan belt or something which it’s still waiting on.

Ed Snitkoff will be poring all over the Taurus Wagon, which seems to have the supposedly rare lower cornering light option, denoting this as likely a fairly high spec vehicle. The front end is nicely protected by a LeBra or similar horrific device, but the wheels have the Robocop black treatment on them for some reason.  This bull ain’t runnin’ anywhere as far as I can tell, I believe it’s been here for at least a couple of years.

And there’s a surprise at the right that I missed in my opening panorama shot.

A Chevy K-10 longbed with a lot of Bondo patches on its flanks, another survivor that probably still has a lot of life left, missing front bumper notwithstanding.  White slotted wheels and BFG’s are always an appropriate look for this era truck, and it’ll likely go anywhere the owner would want it to.  Behind it I think is an Explorer Sport, which likely is the newest vehicle here after all, but it could be a Mazda Navajo as well, although that’s be a real rarity.

So which one do you like, assuming the shop will make sure the battery’s charged and the belts are snug?  Me, I think I’d like the Wagoneer or the Hardbody with the K-10 next.