Curbside Outtakes – Driven To The Edge. And Beyond.

Last week as I was driving the 2020 Mazda CX-5 Signature, the review of which is posted just above this, I came across not one but two incidents of note that were far more interesting than your garden-variety accident.  The first was the Dodge Ram pickup mid-stream of which there’s more on later.  But first, there’s one that flirted with danger right to the edge.

Yes, this Buick got awfully close to descending faster than ever before.  This eighth generation LeSabre was produced as a 2000-2005 model, I’m going with it being a 2000 model but could be wrong. Having been a LeSabre (’88 T-Type) owner myself that’s the only generation I can readily identify.

I can’t think of many scenarios much worse than sliding towards a cliff, I wonder how hard the driver was on the brakes just willing it to stop.

You can see the skid marks starting on the asphalt and then it turns into a somewhat graceful four-wheel slide.  The correct procedure would be to point the wheel at a very shallow angle in the direction you’d want to go with a little gas to get it going straight again but with a cliff looming it’s hard to put that into practice and not just mash the brakes and close your eyes which of course won’t change the direction of travel one bit but just might stop you in time.

Once the immediacy of the Code Brown moment passed, our driver had the presence of mind to leave a note referencing that he went to get a truck before leaving…Hopefully it wasn’t the blue Dodge Ram.  The yellow tape and red tag is from the State Patrol or Sheriff to denote that the vehicle has been inspected for passengers and is awaiting retrieval.

This second generation mid 90’s Dodge Ram on the other hand wasn’t lucky enough to stop in time.  It’s a bit hard to fathom how exactly he ended up in there (beyond the obvious, I mean).

There weren’t any skid marks on the road and if anything the grass on the verge was flattened in a very small area, as if the truck had veered off at an extremely tight angle.  Or perhaps he went off upstream and the truck floated with the current for a while and the flattened grass was from something else.  I first saw this about an hour before I stopped on my return journey.  As I passed it the first time there was a man on the verge with a long rope connected to another man that was climbing into the cab of the Ram, perhaps to retrieve his wallet.  Or firearm, who knows.

When I returned and stopped this time both men were gone as was the truck they presumably came back in that was parked.  This Ram is well in the stream but with all of the runoff it’s possible the current took it out a ways if it did go in at this point.  It was moving around its axis a little while I was taking these pictures.

The 4×4 OffRoad Package tailgate isn’t of much help here, but that looks like it was a pretty fine truck before this.  It’s very possible that deer or elk or something similar were in the road and both drivers decided to take evasive action, just another reason that speed on these roads can sometimes have bad outcomes.