Curbside Outtaks: The Random Faces of Rear Wheel Drive


What to do when you have a phone full of random car shots? You stretch the bounds of relevance and find their common thread. In this post I will use RWD to link a group of old Volvos with a trio of trucks. I know it’s a flimsy premise but, for today, the sign on the clubhouse door reads “No Transaxles Allowed!”

Even with its rattle-can paint job, this Datsun 620 looks great from ten paces. My neighbor George, the owner, is a retired geology professor who uses this truck to haul rock samples. He is a “Renaissance Man” who plays the clarinet and ice hockey (not at the same time).



The canopy seems a bit too wide for the bed rails, like it was made for an American truck (but what model?).



The “Biscayne” badge may have been added to the cap for fun, but it only deepens the mystery of which small truck this was originally designed for. Any guesses out there?



This 2-gen Chevy C-10 is on my dog-walking route and gets used as a dump runner. It looks good with the upgraded wheels and a restrained amount of lift. Rust is starting to show through the door bottoms, but it’s not too far gone.



There’s nothing good about this Ford F-250 Ranger. It has been parked in this spot for years, right along a busy thoroughfare. Since it appears to have the original engine (and an extra block in back), it should be worth something in scrap. The crusher awaits!



Let’s do the Volvos in chronological order. This nice-looking Amazon gets pride of place in the driveway and sees a fair amount of road time. The owners also have a newish XC90, so they are Volvo people through and through.



Next up is this ’80s-’90s Volvo 240 DL wagon, which looks good but hasn’t moved much lately. The pale greenish-blue finish is fairly uncommon. Nice looking alloys on this one.



Here’s another Volvo 240 DL wagon that definitely sees some car-camping action. With the seats folded down you can sleep in the back, but only if you’re under six feet tall.



I think this is Volvo 760 wagon, but not sure of the year. It seems to be on a perpetual battery charge and never moves.



Here is a ’90s Volvo 760 Turbo Intercooler wagon. This is a fairly rare car, even here in Scand-Land. I’m sure this one can really move.



Finally, the last of the Volvo RWDs  is represented here by this beautiful 1997-98 S90. This is an executive car on par with anything from its era. Not to be confused with later iterations of the S90, this model was previously known as the 960. These cars are perfect for drifting, but this one is too nice to go that route. This model even has wipers for the headlights. Maybe Volvo should have dropped that option and kept the rear wheel drive.