Curtis Perry Outtake: A Menacing ’59 Buick Stalks The Night

Curtis Perry uploaded these exquisite photos of a ’59 Buick, a car from a time where so many cars looked like they wanted to maul you to death. Sound familiar?

At least with today’s angry designs, the menacing visage is limited to the front only. The ’59 Buick looks aggressive when viewed from either end.

I don’t know what chrome-laden American barge of this era is more aggressive-looking. This or the ’59 Dodge? The ’61 Plymouth? The ’59 Chevy’s behind could scare small children, too.

I’ll take these bellicose barges over the dopey-looking designs of the time, like the ’59 Mercury which bears a striking resemblance to…

…this dim-witted, grimacing emoji.

It’s really hard to not to experience pareidolia when you look at a car like the ’59 Buick. That looks like a face, alright. The face of something angry and out for blood.

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