Dash-Cam Outtake: 1975 Chevrolet Corvette C3

This unmistakable C3 was caught with my faithful dash-cam, cruising in the holiday traffic (it was a long weekend here in Israel, the second Passover holiday mixing with the regular weekend).  And once again you get a chance to compare old with new; the long stick ‘Vette clashes with the boxy Sonic that’s in the left lane. And that Sonic looks positively huge compared with the C3.


And here it is in motion:

As I’ve already covered the C3 in Israel in this post, I won’t elaborate much further and really keep this an Outtake. Instead, I’ve decided to attach photos of Corvette C3s from various meetings I’ve attended throughout the years, but include only the unloved (?) post-chrome-bumper / pre-fastback mid-1970s cars. And I’ll start with C3s adorned by luggage racks:

This C3 is a veteran at the Five Club central meetings. I can’t decide which is worse; the luggage rack, white stripe or that front end cover. Curiously, even the side exhausts look out of place here.

Another one with luggage rack, this C3 was photographed during a track day at a very short local track, very unfitting for a car this size. But the owner, who turned up with friends in other ‘Vettes, had a good time and the car stretched its legs.

Here are two examples without the dreaded luggage rack, and you can see they’re much cleaner. You might say they’re boring to look at- nothing that a coat of paint can’t fix:

This C3 is actually very 1970s to look at, even though I’d never use that color scheme if it was my car.

Pimp my ride, and I do mean Pimp… take a closer look at that color, that’s not plain black.

Back to the clean look, but with spoilers, which I havent shown you yet. However, I’ve kept the best for last:

An ultra w-i-d-e C3 I’ve uploaded here before, but deserves another look. Although it hints of the earlier, pre 1974 cars, could really be anything produced between 1968 and 1977. I somehow like it, “in your face” and all.