Dash-Cam Outtake: 1986 Audi 80 and Oldsmobile Alero – Double Feature.

Whilst driving to visit my family on the weekend, I managed to capture not one but two CCs on my dash-cam.


Only after uploading this video did I notice the (sold in Israel as) Oldsmobile Alero, video-bombing the Audi. Those were marketed here as pseudo-luxury cars, supposed to be upmarket automobiles, but predictably, nowhere near as good. The local importers tried their best, choosing to bring them into Israel as Oldsmobile and not Chevrolet but to no avail. Still, as you can see, some survived, being owned by punters much like the clientele in this Lumina post.

As for the Audi, these 1980s Audis are getting quite rare these days, although I did find another one and posted it here already. I have but one photo of another, similar vintage Audi 80, and although it’s also black I doubt it’s the same car. This was taken some years ago.