Dash-Cam Outtake: 1992 Peugeot 309 – Almost Collectable

Another day, another CC captured with my trusty dash-cam. But during this drive I met with probably the most antithesis car to the 309 you could ever get.


But first, the video:

The music from my car’s stereo is quite easy to guess this time.

The Peugeot 309 was a car so popular in Israel, it’s amazing how so very few survived (once again, as with many of my posts). Sold here throughout its production run, it was a much better package than it’s predecessor, the 305, which was archaic compared to the 309. If you recall, this was the time when Peugeots were exiting cars, with enjoyable road holding and steering wheels that were direct and responsive as anything you could throw at it – I should know, I had two (306 and 206), not to mention my Dad’s 405. Granted, they were much more fragile than their earlier forefathers, such as the 504.

This is one of the very late models, which in 1993 gave way to its replacement, the 306. I guess the owner is maintaining it on a regular license until the car reaches 30 years old and than it can be moved to a “collectable vehicle” status (much cheaper MoT).

This is where I usually insert photos of 309s I photographed over the years and in various car meetings. But sadly, I have none- it never occurred to me that this car would be so rare, enough to document it.

Instead, let me finish this post with a vehicle captured earlier during the same drive. How different it is to the 309: