Dash Cam Outtake: 1994-1998 Chevrolet C/K Silverado – A Ridiculous Choice For This Climate

Chevrolet Silverado C/K

Winter reared its ugly head in NY in earlier this month. It was a nasty storm that started with sleet and ended with about ten inches of snow. Initially, I was undaunted by the prospect of a lengthy cleanup because FedEx delivered my new boots literally right before I planned to clean my driveway. Then I discovered Eddie Bauer sent me the wrong pair. Not cool! Fortunately, a new down jacket was also part of the order, and it ended up being amazing. Otherwise I almost certainly would have been the grumpiest person on the East Coast, at least for a couple of hours.

I was on my way back from returning the boots when I encountered this lowered Silverado.

East Coast light duty truck owners rarely use their pickups for actual work. They’re commuter vehicles purchased by people who think the trucks will come in handy when the snow begins to fall. This Chevy is a bit different. It’s probably near useless in inclement weather. It might not even be able to haul much in its bed, since the suspension doesn’t have nearly as much travel as it used to. I was simultaneously horrified and impressed by its height. My Focus was at most an inch or two shorter than it. Seriously. Lowering a car makes a bit of sense, but I really don’t see the point in making a truck the height of a sedan.

The title of this post was inspired by Dwight Schrute of NBC’s The Office. Regional Manager Michael Scott catches wind that Dwight, his formerly loyal underling, is trying to oust him from his position. Michael makes several attempts to get Dwight to admit his wrongdoing, then pretends that he is in fact taking over, just to see how Dwight would react. Things finally unravel when Dwight refuses to take the keys to Michael’s corporate car, an early 2000s Chrysler Sebring convertible, which he deems unsuitable for winters in Scranton, PA. Similarly, I think this truck is almost equally as useless.