Dash-Cam Outtake: 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Recently my wife and I took our one year old son to the beach (first time in his life, come to think of it). This is a well developed recreation and shopping complex, which Tel-Aviv municipality has set up in what used to be the (small) old harbor area- very pretty and organized, so arriving early in the morning meant parking was readily available within the harbor’s confines.


Once finished, on the way out, this is what we saw:

As you can see, it’s parked at a very comfortable spot, which is reserved for uploading / unloading only. But since this is Saturday and no work in Israel, I guess it’s alright. Maybe.

FInding a fourth gen. Camaro in Israel, not to mention a convertible, is not as easy as you might think. Those were never imported officially, only privately as grey imports when new. Also, the law allows private import only for cars up to two years old – or over thirty years old. Thus, you understand that any fourth gen. Camaro / Firebird you stumle upon could only be imported as new (or nearly new). The first classic gen. four Camaro / Firebirds will be able to be imported here only in 2023 (which is not so far away).

As for the Camaro itself, most folks who took the trouble to overcome the bureaucracy, didn’t bother with it and preferred the Firebird instead, which makes the Camaro yet even more rare in Israel. Therefore, it’s not surprising that I have only one photo of a Camaro (just by chance it’s also a convertible:


Well, beggars can’t be choosers, so rest of the photos are of various Firebirds, taken in local meetings:

I don’t know why they felt the need to install those non-related wheels, but to each his own.

Next up are two Firebird convertibles, obviously newer than the one in the video, more towards the end of the fourth gen.:

Note the two Grand Prixs photo-bombing from the back.

One even has scissor doors, which is very handy (you’ll never know when it might come in handy).

And, lest I forget, it was also very productive at the beach. Looking at this photo, I have to say it still feels weird to be a father one year later…