Dash-Cam Outtake: BMW E32 735i

Last week whilst driving to visit my extended family, I happen to come across a rare 1980s luxury, blasting down the motorway.

Now, I don’t usually weave like that while driving, but I wanted to get as best view as I can with the dash-cam:

License plate has this as a privately imported car, but the “00” at the end suggests it was imported in the early 1990s – hence, this is a remarkably well preserved example of what used to be a painfully expensive luxury sedan back in the day, in Israel. As you’d imagine, not many bought them because of their prices, so they were scarce when new, much less now.

I have to say, I’m still not used to those L shaped rear lights, more than thirty years after the E32’s introduction. But the BMW as a whole looks thoroughly modern compared to other road occupants – and certainly drives as well as any modern cars. At least this one does, as viewed in this movie.

I have no other photos of E32s in my possession. I never thought about these as classics so I never bothered to “archive” them, as it were. Time goes by faster than you (and I) think… So, I’ll include here a link to Brendan Saur’s CC article, plus a vintage road test from Road & Truck published here previously.