Dash-Cam Outtake: International S2600

Dropped the kid off at the nursery, and then continued with the wife on to a near bus station. The road was taking us through a building site. Imagine my surprise when I saw this hard-at-work Internash.


I know it was hard-at-work because I could see smoke coming off the top of its exhaust- maybe you’ll spot this in the video:

Soundtrack is of the wife coughing.

This has to be a late Eighties truck. judging from the cabin shape, this is before the mid-life redesign International have done to the S2600. If my memory serves, International trucks were not available on the Israeli market until the Eighties. The Scout was around (as was the pickup) during the Seventies, but not the big trucks.

Good to see this truck out and at work. I guess the other alternative for trucks of its kind in Israel is the crusher.