Drive-In Outtake: 1970 Chevrolet Impala Four-Door Sedan

Every time I road trip to Georgia to visit family, I stop at one of my two favorite Atlanta eating spots as I pass through town; the original Dwarf House restaurant across from the old Ford Taurus plant by the airport, or The Varsity, which is right across I-75/85 from my alma mater, Georgia Tech. The “V” still has car hops who hang your food tray on your window, and the atmosphere is as much a part of the experience as the food is. It’s not unusual to find an uncommon car or two in the lot, and I was rewarded this latest trip with a well-patinaed survivor 1970 Impala four-door sedan with its unique one-year-only rear bumper design. Comparing this old boat to the sea of Volvos we’ve had this week on CC is like comparing a light salad with a meal at the V (heavy on the grease, and pass the defibrillator pads, please!).

So, “Whadya have?” Something Swedish, or a heaping plateful of classic American fare?