Driveway Outtake: Brown On Brown Under Brown RX-7

This car has a brown velour interior. Checkerboard, between deep pile and shallow. And the driver’s side is still intact. It is a very clean example, except it’s covered in dust. It’s a one point five generation Mazda RX-7, and it lives in a brown apartment.

Above is the first of the series from 1978; SA22C. The rear lights are smaller, and the slight concave arch gives the body some tension where the rest of it is sleek. The 1980 FB body update lost that arch, instead got more flush with larger taillights.

My own relationship with the RX-7 is brief. A girlfriend’s brother had one in this condition, sitting in his backyard. Never got finished.

Sleek yes. Fastback 924 but.

The bumpers of the first series had flattened black end caps.

The 1.5 show got flusher bumpers more in keeping with the rest of the body.

Wish they’d kept that arch though.

It’s rarer on these streets than the 924 – most having been cannibalised for the 12A & 13B rotaries and the rest captive to dreams unfulfilled. The P-plate makes this probably her first or second car. She lets it stay dusty, and that just adds to its charm.

1981 COAL by David Saunders

1983 CC by Paul Niedermeyer

Nice wheels by Tatra87