CC Outtakes: T87’s Singles Collection – Part 2

Here are more selections from my vault of single-pic CCs. This sweet early model Mazda RX7 (1978-80, as far as I can tell) was captured on the same spot as the Daimler in yesterday’s post. The rotary-shaped wheelcovers on this one are particularly cool.

Here’s something I found in Bangkok. The light was really poor and my phone was really uncooperative, so even though I took a few shots only these were salvageable. Pity, as the W113 Pagoda is really one of the seminal designs of Bracq’s Benz years.

Another one I caught in Thailand – from the back seat of a taxi, this time. I’ve witnessed a few old Pugs around down there, but this was the only 305 I can recall seeing. These are getting rather rare even in France, so this could be one of the last ones out in the wild in Asia.

While we’re on the subject of old French cars in eastern places, here’s a Traction Avant in Luang Prabang, the old capital of Laos and one of Asia’s most wonderful places. This is a LWB Familiale 11 CV, made anytime between 1954 and 1957. It was not in the most original of conditions, but still a welcome sight. Dressed for the upcoming Christmas season, too.

Camaro, Camaro, wherever art thou, Camaro? In Geneva, Switzerland. Drinking BP premium, as per usual. Cheers!

Let’s bring it back to Japan and look into the JDM file. Toyota Corolla Sprinter AE86. Nice. This one I caught with Jim Klein, and I’m sure he has more or less the same photos as these.

This one I saw regularly, as it was having some work done in a nearby repair shop, but I never got round to investigating it properly. It’s a 1980-82 Toyota Crown S110 “Royal Saloon coupé” (but not a two-door sedan, as far as I know). I bagged that generation’s hardtop sedan, but getting a two-door would have been a real coup.

As it drove slowly past me, this 1976-80 Mark II (a.k.a Cressida) was heartbreaking to see. Silly wheels, questionable colour, aptly-named spoilers – there’s no accounting for some tastes. Without these things, it would have made for a great-looking classic. And even with those things, it still looks a lot better than any contemporary Nissan I can think of.

This S40 Corona was a far more welcome sight. I’m still not sold on the front end of these, but the rear is growing on me.

These 6th gen Celicas (1993-99) are not exactly rare in Europe, but I haven’t seen many in Japan. Again, I prefer the rear to the front on these.

It’s not all about Toyotas, though. Here’s one I really want to capture and document thoroughly one day – the Autozam AZ-1. Unfortunately, this one was festooned with a lot of manga decals and its interior was plagued by an invasion of figurines and soft toys. This is perhaps the coolest kei ever made, but that particular one was not the one I wanted to use for a CC feature. Here’s hoping I find a better AZ-1 and soon.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you’re looking at. I had never heard of the Nissan Rasheen when I found this one, so I photographed it quickly (I was in a hurry) and forgot about it. Then I read this post about it and I started wishing I’d spent an extra minute to get a few more shots. But now I know what to look out for, so I won’t make the same mistake twice. I hope.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JDM-focused post without a few retrocities. I don’t know what this one is. I mean, I know what it’s supposed to look like, but not who made it: at least three Japanese firms have made retro cars based on the look of the VandenPlas Princess ADO16, and I never got close enough to this one to ascertain who the author was. Cool rusted Porsche 911 in the background, too.

Let’s call this one a teaser: I’ve seen this 1999-2000 Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca around my new neighbourhood, so I hope I’ll catch it one day and give it the post it deserves. It’s rather ugly, but at least it’s interesting.

I literally caught this beautiful Alfa Giulietta Sprint yesterday. Looks like a pre-1960 model, too. The sound of that twin cam engine was incredible — the complete opposite of a Toyota hybrid!


That’s it for the T87 Outtake special. Given my present geographical location, I trust this sort of post will become more of a regular feature. I thought when I moved here that there would be few opportunities for CC hunting and gathering, but it turns out there are a lot of weirdoes with money in this country (who’d have think it), so the grounds are quite fertile. The issue is getting more than one photo at a time.