Driveway Outtake: Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40), Halloween Edition

This FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser appeared in my neighborhood a few days ago, ready for Halloween. But I don’t think it got there under it’s own power; I suspect it gets hauled out of the backyard once a year.

I doubt this guy behind the wheel helped much … not much muscle on dem bones. The FJ40 has been covered a few times here on CC; in the US, they were sold from 1960 to 1984 and were in fact Toyota’s top (only?) seller until the Corona was introduced. This example seems to date from before vent windows were dropped in the 1970’s; other significant changes over the FJ40’s life included going from 3 to 4 speed transmissions, adding front disc brakes, and an increase in the pushrod inline six’s engine size from the 3.9 liter F series to the 4.2 liter 2F. These were the only engines offered in the US, though most other markets got various diesels which gave the vehicle a BJ rather than FJ designation.

As can be seen behind the grille, this one has no engine at all. Perhaps waiting for a small block Chevy swap. Looking at this last photo more closely, I’d guess that if the license plate is original, it’s a 1973.

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