Driveway Outtakes: 1978-83 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.5 – Rare And Shy Italian

I had waited for CC’s Roger Carr to cover Alfa Romeo’s Alfasud for ages. First, to get his take on the model. Second, so that I could start sharing a few I had found in Central America.

As the brand has suffered in the last decades, most commoners don’t know what an Alfa is around here. Yet, those who do are a few faithful that keep the models alive, against all expectations. Especially in a nation like El Salvador, where any broken mechanical piece means weeks of waiting. But the faithful are strong, and the seduction of Alfa is mighty. I’ve known a few, and I don’t question their devotion. Alfas are mighty sweet rides to my eyes.

This was a most unlikely find. Driveways in this nation are usually protected with heavy iron gates, and this was not the exception. But to the ‘car-trained’ eye even the tiniest glance awakens the senses. As I walked by this house with my wife, I noticed through some slots an unusual shape. “An Alfa!” With that, I told my wife to watch over the street while I got my cell into the driveway to snap a couple of shots.

No street guard came around (a permanent nuisance), no dog bit off my hand, and I think I didn’t break any laws. My wife seems content to support me on these silly outbursts and I got a few shots of this shy Alfa. One of the few remaining in this nation. In my book, all those are major pluses and all is well with the world.


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