Dual CC Outtake: Suddenly It’s 1995

Some sights do a person good.  Finding a Dodge Shadow parked next to a Ford Aerostar certainly seems to fall within that realm.  Has this happened more than twice since 1995?

While a welcomed sight, this pairing isn’t exactly benign enough to not raise a few rhetorical questions.  The questions almost flow like an artesian well.

Were all of these Dodge Shadows green – or simply the vast majority?

Was 1995 really almost a quarter-century ago?

Why does the phrase “old Ford minivan” seem oxymoronic?

How many Aerostars did Ford build with these plastic hubcaps?

What sort of person owns these now?

How many owners has each had?

What brought them together?

Whatever the answers, it seems like they had a good visit.

Found May 2019

Sioux City, Iowa