eBay Find: 1990 Ford Taurus LX – A Rare Breed Indeed

California may be a bit water-challenged these days, but if I lived there I’d say I found just the thing to quench my thirst. The first-generation Taurus and Sable have pretty much vanished here in the Northeast, and I’m guessing they’re no longer very common in the rest of the country either–especially examples with less than 10,000 rounds on the clock.


As you’d expect of a barn find, this immaculate Taurus sports crystal-clear headlights that lend credence to its reported 7,500 mile odometer reading. The Taurus wagon eBay find I spotted a couple months ago was also in great condition, but still couldn’t match the Zooey Deschanel-esque eyes you see right here.


In back it’s pretty much the same story. I’m always a bit skeptical of cars with two-tone exterior treatments, but higher-end models of the Taurus can pull it off, especially with the silver-on-gray color scheme (which I have yet to see).


Everything can’t be sunshine and lollipops though, can it? This bull has some baggage to go along with it, although I can’t imagine bumper scuffs like this to be terribly difficult to correct if you can find the right paint.


That minor issue becomes a distant memory once you look inside. This is one seriously clean machine. The black-on-black interior features the quasi-bucket front seats that can accommodate a third person. Since this is the LX model, there’s a JBL sound system and, more importantly, the rare digital dash with electronic climate control.


I usually don’t post two interior pictures if I don’t have to, but those buttons on the dash reminded me that the first- generation vehicles (and also some Lincolns) sported the InstaClear windshield, which was basically an ultra-fast electric  defroster that used heated wires that were embedded in the windshield. If this bull does in fact have that feature, I’m guessing it’s controlled by that button below the electronic climate cluster. Maybe one of you commentators can tell me if I’m correct. Fun fact: In Europe, Ford never stopped offering this feature on their cars. They still do, but over there it’s called Quickclear.


If that’s not enough, this hilarious warning sticker is still attached. I might be showing my relative youth here, but why is this message so important? Could you actually wreck a tape? Or did the folks in Dearborn just figure that if drivers weren’t informed of this feature, they’d lose their minds and need to be hospitalized?


Were you wondering where the floor mats were? Well here is your answer–and in their original packaging. 


Under the hood is this car’s biggest issue: the dreaded 3.8 “Essex” V-6. This baby is known to eat head gaskets, and I don’t know if sitting around for 20-plus years has done it any favors.


One of the interesting features found on these highest trim-level bulls was the side light in front of the front tires. I can’t imagine it has any purpose of value beyond being a kind of vanity lamp.


And there you have it. This Taurus is quite the catch, and I’m hoping it finds an owner who’ll treat it like a true CC. After all, who the heck knows if something like this will come around again.

Check out the auction here.