Future Classic Outtake: 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn – A Grand Floridian

I’m not a big fan of Rolls-Royces, and have never been. They’re far too stodgy and stuffy for my tastes, their baroque design language hasn’t changed in decades, and most tend to look like a brick on wheels. If there is one Rolls that I can at least begin to warm up to, it is the “small” Rolls, the Ghost, and now its Wraith coupe and Dawn convertible offshoots. With a bit more fluidity in their sheetmetal and a tiny bit more athleticism in their proportions, I guess I wouldn’t mind spending a little time in one of these as the driver, and not merely a chauffeured passenger.

Now I know this is a new car (either a 2016 or 2017, I went with 2017 to emphasize the newness), but Rolls-Royces, particularly convertibles, ahem “dropheads”, are extremely low-production vehicles, making them almost instant classics from the moment they leave the factory. I was prompted to share this picture, as everything, from the elegant backdrop of the Victorian-styled Grand Floridian hotel, to the glistening water droplets on the hood from recent showers, to the lighting, angle, and colors just seemed so perfect. Add a filter in and it could almost be a promotional shot in a brochure (although maybe more “Cadillac Style” than Rolls-Royce). This will be a collector’s car in the future if it isn’t already one now.

Photographed: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Lake Buena Vista, FL – January 2017