In Motion Outtakes: Pagoda De Ville Long Island Edition

In the early 1960s, Cadillac brought some short deck variants to market – known as the Park Avenue. Pictured here is the aftershock – the extended deck Cadillac Sedan DeVille Long Island Edition.

With optional pagoda hardtop.

Yep, a trick of the camera. Same thing makes this Eldo look particularly short-decked.

The roof comes courtesy of Bela Barenyi’s K-55. It was the inspiration for the pagoda roof treatment on Mercedes-Benz coupes. In its original form, you could pitch a tent and sleep on top.

On the SDV Long Island, the optional pagoda hardtop was used as a structural member for a surface built to accommodate a Bell Jet Ranger.

These 1974 Cadillacs fit nicely into their generation.

The 1971/72 have more sculptural front ends, but this year succeeds where the similarly squared-off 1973 doesn’t in having the turning lights outboard. Even the 1975/76 with their rectangular headlights don’t really let this overall shape down. Cadillac styling definitely sustained during this period where its lesser siblings were getting increasingly overwrought and clunky barrierfied.

In the hardtop body, the SDV outsold the Calais 60,419 to 2,324; but to be honest any of these sedans would suit.

Special mention must go to the Fleetwood 75. These years produced a fender/c-pillar treatment that put all other limousines to shame.

The rear end of these 71-76 sedans is a genuine aesthetic success. That razor-sharp trailing edge undiminished since the 64 crisped up the 63. I love them.

Further Reading

1963 Park Avenue by Dave Skinner

1973 Fleetwood 75 by Paul Niedermeyer

1974 Fleetwood Talisman by Gerardo Solis

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Mercedes-Benz K-55 by Don Andreina