In-Traffic Outtake: 2018 Aston Martin DB11 – The Struggle Is Real, Folks!

Show of hands, who checked out the Cadillac Seville STS before looking more closely at the white car?  You’re a true CC’er.  But this post is about the white, ahem, excuse me, “Morning Frost” car – a sight that was completely unexpected on 3rd Street (Hwy 287) in downtown Laramie this Friday morning.

I figured that for many of us this might be the only time we ever get to see one of these, and there is no need to wait twenty years before someone sees one curbside somewhere.  While Aston’s aren’t really “rare” anymore, what is rare is a new one that doesn’t look exactly like every other has has looked like for the last two decades.  While they are all pretty, they have also become pretty familiar, so the slightly less subtle changes they have been making (at least to the rear and sides) are welcome. Progress, dontcha know…

Traffic was mighty thick this morning (at least five cars visible in total) and moved exactly at the 30mph limit.  We all drove in lockstep for about seven or eight traffic lights but I was never able to get any closer to or in front of the Aston.  I did hear it taking off impatiently every time only to be thwarted at the next light.  The lights in Laramie do seem to be timed, but timed so they turn red every time you approach one.

I spent a little time on the Aston Martin website this evening and still cannot figure out how to tell if this particular example is powered by a twin-turbo V8 producing 503 hp or the twin-turbo V12 producing 608hp.  I did see that the starting price for the (relatively) poverty-spec twin-turbo V8 is an eye-watering $198,995.  Plus destination, I assume.

What is interesting is that Aston actually offers their cars in a wide range of attractive colors including blue, red, green, and many others.  Of course “some people” still pick the white one, just like their plumber’s van.  It’s alright, I’m just a little jelly…

However, I’m not nearly as impressed by supercars as I used to be, nor do I really aspire to ever own one anymore, but I do like and appreciate that this person chose something a little out of the ordinary.  Aston Martin obviously has a very rich history and has produced some absolutely stunning and iconic vehicles (don’t look up the Cygnet).

Choosing one, I believe, does set you aside from the norm at least a little bit relative to the more “normal” choices such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and perhaps some of the more rarified Porsches I suppose.  Then again, this one might just be rounding out the collection.

Actually, upon reflection, I take that bit about not aspiring to own one back a little bit.  If I had to replace my Porsche and I wanted something vaguely similar but different that fulfilled the same purpose and I had a bit more money to spend, I think I could make do (oh, the suffering!) with a decade-old Aston Martin Vantage V8 like the one pictured above.  It’s simply about the looks.  As with the Porsche I could easily find myself in the garage sitting on a stool just looking at it.  The bonus of course is that if you’re happy doing that, there is no worry about things breaking when driving it…

Outfitted with temporary plates from the State of Tennessee, our subject car has seen a great roadtrip of around 1300 miles so far; I assume it drove up Hwy 287 just like I did this morning and it kept going north on Hwy 287 after I made my turn to go hang some cabinets and continue working on some drywall issues in my rental property with two houses on it that cost a lot less than this car did…Granted, however, the Aston looks in better shape (currently).

I’m not entirely sure where Hwy 287 goes beyond downtown Laramie, but it’s likely that the ultimate destination for this car is nearby as I-25  and I-80 will take you to more major metropolitan areas far more efficiently and almost as scenic as where this road goes…Then again, it could just be an international student at the University of Wyoming just like at many other campuses these days.

Oh, and as for the Seville STS, I’ll keep an eye out for it, Laramie apparently has more Cadillacs than I gave it credit for.  Great green color, too!